Power BI for Data Analyst

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Course Outline (12 hours)



Topic 1: Discover data analysis 


· Overview of data analysis

· Roles in data

· Tasks of a data analyst

· Build up knowledge


Topic 2: Perform analytics in Power BI 


· Introduction to analytics

· Explore statistical summary

· Identify outliers with Power BI visuals

· Group and bin data for analysis

· Apply clustering techniques

· Conduct time series analysis

· Use the Analyze feature

· Use advanced analytics custom visuals

· Review Quick insights

· Apply AI Insights


Topic 3: Work with AI visuals in Power BI 


· Introduction to working with AI visuals

· Use the Q&A visual

· Find important factors with the Key influencers visual

· Use the Decomposition Tree visual to break down a measure

· Exercise - Data analysis in Power BI Desktop


Topic 4: Use DAX in Power BI Desktop 


· Star schema design

· Analytic queries

· Configure report visuals

· Write DAX formulas

· DAX data types

· Work with DAX functions

· Use DAX operators

· Use DAX variables

· Use DAX time intelligence functions

· Additional time intelligence calculations


Topic 5: Data Visualization in Power BI 


· Introduction to visuals in Power BI

· Create and customize simple visualizations

· Create slicers

· Map visualizations

· Matrices and tables

· Create scatter, waterfall, and funnel charts

· Modify colors in charts and visuals

· Page layout and formatting


Topic 6: Manage workspaces in Power BI 

· Distribute a report or dashboard

· Monitor usage and performance

· Recommend a development life cycle strategy

· Troubleshoot data by viewing its lineage

· Configure data protection


Topic 7: Manage datasets in Power BI 

· Create dynamic reports with parameters

· Create what-if parameters

· Configure a dataset scheduled refresh

· Manage and promote datasets

· Troubleshoot service connectivity

· Exercise on datasets



Guidance, Inspiration and Support




Lead Trainer


As the lead trainer of FreshLinker Academy, Patrick has 20+years in the IT training field. Patrick’s work include complex projects applying data science, and software development to different aspect of value chains as well as participating with research teams, on field such as Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing and Digital Signal Processing. He has extensive experience in designing and building computer vision solutions and real-time applications.


Patrick is a frequent visiting lecturer/part time trainer at HKPC, SCOPE, The City University of Hong Kong, IVE, HKU Space, CITA and SPARE Learning Centers.


Patrick is also the Chief Data Scientist of Shen Zhen City Data Services Limited Engineering Management 


Patrick’s academic Background:


Doctor in Education (In progress) IT Education, HKBU (2019)

BSc System Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK (1997)

MSc IT Education, HKU (2004)

Standard Class

Weekday Class

Time: 20:00 – 22:00 

Number of lessons required: 6

Total number of hours required: 12 hours

Date: TBC​​

Price: $3,000

Whatsapp 98887317 for any enquiry