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12 hours regular class



In this course,you will learn how to use Python to analyze data,create beautiful visualizations, as well as other powerful analytics tools!


Learning Python are one of the fastest ways to improve your career prospects, as they are the most in demand tech skills. This is a challenging course where you are expected to learn quickly and earn the most demanded skills in the 21st century.


Subjects and topics include:
- Subjects and topics include:
- Python for data analysis
- Python pandas and visualization tools


Who should attend?


Individuals taking this course come from many different backgrounds, from entrepreneurs, career changers, web developers, managers, sales managers, digital marketers, data analysts, finance professionals and students. Anyone who wants the know-how to utilize data!


Final Project


For the Data Analysis course, you will learn how to collect, clean and analyze a data set to solve a real-world problem. You will obtain a real-world data set, form a hypothesis about it, clean, parse, and apply modeling techniques and data analysis principles to ultimately create a predictive model using Python.


Students present their results and each write a report that includes the following:

           ‣  Clearly articulated a problem statement

           ‣  Summary of data acquisition,cleaning, and parsing stage

           ‣  Clear presentation of your predictive model and the processes you took to create it

           ‣  Presentation style appropriate to both technical and non technical audience alike


As you complete stages of your final project, you will be required to present materials and receive feedback from your instructional team, classmates as well as industry experts.




     i.        Why is this course useful?


It is apparent that data is now a vital part of every business. That being said, to be successful in today’s competitive landscape, businesses could be making more data driven decisions if this vast amount of data was more deeply analyzed through the use of data science. This data analysis course provides the tools, methods, and best practices to enable you to make accurate predictions about data, which ultimately leads to making better decisions.


   ii.        What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?


This course will teach you how to use large data sets to make decisions. Using Python, you will learn how to collect, clean and analyze data from multiple sources including the web, a local file and a relational database. You will be equipped with technical skills in algorithms and data modeling which allow you to make accurate predictions about your data.


 iii.        What do I need?


Please come prepared with laptop equipped with Microsoft excel.



Guidance, Inspiration and Support




Lead Trainer


As the lead trainer of FreshLinker Academy, Patrick has 20+years in the IT training field. Patrick’s work include complex projects applying data science, and software development to different aspect of value chains as well as participating with research teams, on field such as Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing and Digital Signal Processing. He has extensive experience in designing and building computer vision solutions and real-time applications.


Patrick is a frequent visiting lecturer/part time trainer at HKPC, SCOPE, The City University of Hong Kong, IVE, HKU Space, CITA and SPARE Learning Centers.


Patrick is also the Chief Data Scientist of Shen Zhen City Data Services Limited Engineering Management 


Patrick’s academic Background:


Doctor in Education (In progress) IT Education, HKBU (2019)

BSc System Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK (1997)

MSc IT Education, HKU (2004)






As one of the core trainers at FreshLinker IT Academy, Simon also works as a software development team manager as well as a professional IT trainer. Simon’s work included include complex projects, specializing in IT service management, full-stack web-based and mobile apps development, software testing, Internet security, AWS web services, big data, databases and NoSQL. 


He is a holder of many professional qualifications from Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD), Oracle (MySQL and Oracle databases), Exin (ITIL, ISO 20000), and more.

On top of his training role at FreshLinker IT Academy, he is also a frequent trainer at the HKPC and various private enterprises, both domestically and internationally.


Simon’s academic Background:


M.Phil. Computer Science, HKU (2008)

MSc, Computer Science, CUHK (2010)





Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) focused in Public Administration and Policy Studies - City University of Hong Kong

Full time financial technical and risk analyst

Over 10 years experience in financial industry focusing in financial system, technology and end to end trading

System Project management for global trading firms and large institutions

FreshLinker Professional financial systems trainer



Standard Class

Weekday Class

Time: 20:00 – 22:00 

Number of lessons required: 6

Total number of hours required: 12 hours

Date: 12/4, 13/4, 14/4, 19/4, 20/4, 21/4

Live Face to Face FREE trial Lesson on 11/3/2021

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Price: $5,200 

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